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Nica Quinn

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March 16, 2024

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Dilara, author of The Healing Language of Horses: A Channelled Message of Unity, and Equine Craniosacral Therapist, planted seeds for a podcast that would hold space for deep explorations of life, horses, and art. 

This podcast is a place for the new paradigm of the horse industry to have a place to expand. Her intention is to hold a space where horse related experiences and explorations could be shared, where human and horse can come together. 

Dilara was looking for a podcast cover that would reflect her herd’s energy, connected to the earth and cosmos, the equine and human collective consciousness, and her own authentic and empowered being. 

The journey was unlike any other I’ve done before; I traveled down to the New Forest in the South of England to stay at her farm for four days as we dove into the magical realm where both of our imaginations and bodies reside. I met the horses that have inspired her, communed with the land she now calls home, and we spent hours talking, laughing, and BEING. Being together, being in the flow, and being in nature. 

Not only did we get to know each other on a deep level, but we were able to create her podcast cover in real time over the course of my stay. We spent a day of brainstorming and taking pictures of her and her herd, capturing their connection and beauty. We then spent time co-creating the cover together, truly depicting what she was envisioning. 

This cover is full of layers and process and reflects the intentions for the podcast, to attract listeners from all over. 

To learn more about Dilara and her magical work, you can find her on instagram @divine_nature_of_horses

If you are looking to go on a totally immersive, unique and intense creative journey such as this, feel free to inquire about what that could look like. I am willing to travel and create spaces such as this for people, I find that the creative energy informs and directs us through our interactions and I absolutely love being fully immersed in the energy of a project. 

I was also the first guest on the podcast! Take a listen here:

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