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Nica Quinn

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March 14, 2024

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A beautiful start to the story of this journey with Katie from Ayla’s Equine Revival, was that a friend wanted to make a donation to the non-profit with a new logo. It’s so wonderful to see that kind of support amongst others and in service of rescuing horses.

The bay mare, Ayla, was the inspiration and guiding force for this design. She emanated power, strength, beauty, and gentleness and Katie wanted her essence captured in this logo. She was a survivor and thriver, and her resilience inspired Katie to open her own heart and home to more rescue horses over the years and she teaches them to thrive in new situations so they can be re-homed.  

“This was all I dreamed of and more!

You took the essence of Ayla and brought her forward thoughtfully, mindfully and powerfully into this logo.I really enjoyed our conversation, and how you took everything you heard and applied it into a beautiful representation of the power Ayla holds.”-Katie

The words we worked with to capture the spirit of Ayla and the transformation that the horses that come to the farm will undergo were:

  • Strength 
  • Power
  • Resilience 
  • Heart
  • Softness
  • Kindness
  • Horse-first/horse-led

The symbols that we worked with in order to capture all of this into one image was a depiction of Ayla herself with bold lines and soft eyes, looking forward with intention. We also worked with the acorn and oak leaf, representing the potential that lies within every acorn to grow into a mighty oak if living in the right conditions. The last piece is that “Ayla” means “Light around the moon” and so the image of the moon and stars behind her lights her up.

“1000% DO IT. If you are looking for someone who truly listens and has the gift of turning hopes and dreams of a perfect logo into reality, Nica is the person for you.

I wish we had started with Nica last year instead of messing around with a designer who was not in alignment with what we were seeking. 

I really enjoyed the process and felt it went really well! Trying to incorporate feedback from a board was not easy, but it felt easy to share and it was well received so that things could be tried! Thank you, a million times over!”


We operate from the belief that we are in relationship with our horses. Their voice and considerations are imperative to the relationship’s health, depth and success. Through giving our horses a voice and choices, and learning how to converse with them, we learn to build a relationship based in trust, truth and kindness. We value giving humans and horses the skills they need to be a calm, confident partner.


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