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Through sharing my art, I hope to touch the hearts of people around the world that are awakening to the call of the horses, asking us to let go of what no longer serves us, to let go of traditions, societal pressures and conditionings that we no longer need. 

We are on the precipice of a global awakening and horses are guiding us deeper into questioning ways things have always been done, and the way that we can feel true connection to them and to the collective. This is about being a part of the wave of change that is coming and helping to inspire people to join the journey in their own ways.

You are not alone on this path. In physical proximity you may feel like the outsider, but the herd is gathering—we are weaving a web of connections around the world.

Weaving connections between human and horse collectives

I believe that my art is a bridge from the traditional world into the energetic, conscious realms of what relationships with horses, with animals, with the earth can be.

Art can speak to people in similar ways that animals do- straight to the soul, through vibration and intention.

Step into possibility, the next level of consciousness and connection between humans and horses. 

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My purpose is to serve as a bridge for others, much as horses are, to access deeper realms within and see life through different perspectives.

I am a creator; nature and horses, my muse. I am a visionary, on a mission to explore and experience what it means to be human.




This book is for anyone.
It's meant to be bridge. 
Any discipline, level, age, this will speak to any and all who have a love for horses. 

It's an invitation to reflect on how we show up with horses and what possibilities await us if we choose to step into a deeper, more conscious, magical relationship with them.



Do you hear the hoofbeats? Feel the heartbeats? 

This isn’t just about more ethical, compassionate horsemanship methods, this is about elevating our consciousness.

They are here to be guides, herding us along towards the next stage of humanity. They are going to walk beside us, hold space, as we enter into unknown territories within ourselves, exposing raw, vulnerable shadows that need to come to the surface in order to heal.

And in healing ourselves we will be a part of the ripple of change around the world.

Are you feeling it? 
   It’s a call from deep within
      The horse collective is reaching out,
          herding us in new directions 
      Your way with horses and being human is shifting
   Perspective changing 
Eyes opening 



"The experience of the Whole Self portrait with Nica is quite simply magical. When I contacted her, I was feeling stuck and looking for... something. I was hoping to see what I needed in the finished portrait somehow. Somewhere along the line I learned how to see myself in a way I hadn't before and felt things start to move. I cherish my portrait and Nica's words that came with it. And most of all, I'm so grateful for the connection with Nica. Her insight, warmth, and encouragement are incomparable."


"I'm sitting here looking at this work of art, depiction of my soul, transformed into visual beauty and awe. All I've wished to scream from rooftops, you put picture to. All I feel for the natural world around me, you brought to life. It's hard to imagine my soul as a painting...until I saw this. Nica, you are a visionary splendid. A story, a sensitivity, power, magic and more gleam from this and I cannot thank you enough!!! The poem too, touched my heart and this all found me when I needed it most."


"Wow! I teared up when I saw the drawing and after reading everything. You are insanely gifted and your medicine is so special. I have never experienced anything quite like this. You are so very unique and intuitively accurate. You even picked up on and portrayed things we didn’t even speak about. You have a way of really “seeing” the person you’re reading. This will be something I keep in my altar room and will cherish deeply! I feel like this is something that will truly help me on my path and give me the light I need to keep going!"


"I had no doubt in my heart from seeing your other pieces and speaking with you, that you would be able to capture the essence of who I am in its entirety. And that you have, in a way that causes me to feel both in-love with myself and this life journey. I feel inspired to keep flowing forward. Especially, with the support of my lovely horse herd and the natural world. I love the empowering phrase that you chose as well as, the moon phases. I have been growing increasingly interested in lunar cycles, and how the support the journey that I am on. The moon has such powerful energy."

There is a level of trust in any relationship with an artist who is bringing your vision into being, and I myself have spent years trusting the process of tuning into the energy and essence of my clients and what wants to come through. to give you an experience such as this:

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