This book doesn’t follow the rules, there is no structure, no plot, no characters, no hero’s journey story arc. There is nothing that is conventional or traditional because it is meant to represent a new way.

It is a poetic dedication to my own journey with horses but from a lens of the collective. It speaks to the ways of tradition and what we've been conditioned to "do" with horses in the past, and offers in colorful imagery, what is possible when we connect with horses, nature, and ourselves on a deeper level. 

This book is for anyone and everyone, but mostly those who have a love of horses in some way. It can be a bridge for someone who hasn't yet stepped into this realm of possibility, but also can have deep resonance with those who are walking a path alongside horses in a more spiritually connected way already. 


This isn't just "my" story, this is about inspiring a wave of change in both the human and equine world. 

The poetic journey takes you from black and white thinking into the expansive technicolor world that is possible to be in. The second half of the book is a reference section that grounds and simplifies concepts and words that are both in the book and also commonly used in the evolving horseworld. This way, it really can be a bridge for those who are new to this type of work. 

There is an ancient calling in our bones, in our souls, echoing of distant times when horses and humans were more than partners in work and life, but bonded by soul and carried into energetic realms. 

The horses are guiding us back home...

To the home within your bones, the home within your soul.