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Nica Quinn

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March 6, 2024

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INTIMATE + ALIGNED were the words that Cassie wanted this logo to emanate. She said that wanted others to see themselves in the image and think “I want that connection/feeling.” Finding alignment between the horse and human is what Cassie is striving for in her work, to weave together Science, Soul, & Self, the 3 pillars that her work with horses is based on. 

Cassie believes in fostering harmony between humans and horses. Through a blend of scientifically sound methods, soulful connection, and personal introspection, she guides individuals to discover true alignment in their relationship with their equine partners. Her mission is to nurture a space where empathy, scientific understanding, and self-discovery converge, empowering both humans and horses to thrive in a balanced, compassionate partnership.

We used the direct inspiration of the photos of her and her soul-horse, Annie, and found a delicate and intimate pose that immediately evokes a feeling of connection and magic to the viewer immediately. The swirly vine design is a simplified representation of her tattoos and also her connection with nature and the font and colors we chose were to feel light and inviting while also feeling strong and grounded. 

In Cassie’s words:

“I had thrown my own logos/branding together myself in the past, and while I didn’t hate what I had created, I am moving into a new evolution of my business that I knew I needed someone else to help me usher in.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nica in a few community settings and I have always admired her perspective on the horse + human relationship and how she expresses it through her art. 

In my gut I knew that there was no better aligned person to create the future logo/branding of my business. I never questioned her understanding of me and what I do. I truly feel like she listened to my needs and wants for the final product. She was very forthcoming about her schedule, easy to communicate with, and I always felt like I knew where she was in the process along the way. What she came up with was nothing short of perfect for me. Her designs (the main logo, sub logos, fonts, favicon, icons) all captured the feelings I want my brand to elicit and I feel so proud to share them with the world.”



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