Similar to working with horses, we will mostly work with energy and intention, the space between where image and resonance speaks louder than words, to encapsulate the spirit of your business, mission, and purpose in a single glance.

I focus on the heart and soul, the essence of the business, and the beings behind the brand. 

A logo is the first thing perceived about a business, one should be able to feel the essence at a glance through this artistic representation of your business. 

If you are committed to your work and your purpose and want to create a symbolic beacon amidst the fog and clutter of the online (and real) world, then you are the type of person I love to partner with. 

Together, we can craft a personality, a look, a feel, of your dream into a tangible form that others can then perceive, receive, and believe.

enchant your business with artwork that speaks to the soul. 

Symbolic Logo Design

This year I'm hosting a handful of events in a few locations in Scotland. These events are days devoted to the exploration of interconnection of everything. There is so much power and inspiration that can be cultivated when we gather, and to walk alongside horses and immerse ourselves in nature. 

You don't need horse experience or feel "artistic" to join, if anything, this is the perfect place to build confidence. 



Exploring deeper connections to ours creativity, nature, and horses 

Creative clarity calls

This is a 90 minute zoom call focusing on your vision. If you’re feeling stuck, blocked, or in need of some brainstorming, let’s stir the creative cauldron together and welcome in fresh ideas. 

You have the answers within you, but sometimes it takes some coaxing and support to bring it to light. I want to help you cultivate your own resourcefulness and unlock the wisdom and creative potential that resides in you.

Do you have a big vision that you’re feeling stuck on or losing energy on? Maybe it's your business name, or even gaining an understanding around action steps that you need to take in order to reach your goals. 

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This could be for you if…

  • Feeling like you've hit a rut? A creative block? Stuck on a certain aspect of an idea?
  • You're having a hard time coming up with a business name/ business direction (any business)
  • You have a vision for a project that you're having a hard time putting words to or putting into form 
  • Having difficulty figuring out which direction you want to be heading in some creative or business aspect of your life, or even just in general.
  • Having blocks around any aspect of life and wish to explore deeper as to why
  • The list goes on. Bring yourself and we’ll go from there. 

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You will answer a pre-questionnaire to get a little clarity within your own mind before we enter the call together.

Although we go with the flow, the base structure revolves around:

It will be recorded so that you don't need to focus on taking notes or remembering all the details that we may exchange.

I'm looking forward to meeting you, seeing where you're at and how I can help you.
*If these booking times don't work for you, email me and we'll figure something out. £111/90 min

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Of course, I have my style, but I want this to be a CO-CREATION and COLLABORATION with you, me, and the spirit of the idea that you hold delicately in your hands.

I have my limitations on what I know I’m skilled in, but if my skill set, timing, and alignment with you and your project is right, amazing things can transpire! 

-Currently I am NOT taking any requests for Oracle Deck collaborations, as I am already engaged in the process. 

Please inquire with your project idea and we can then schedule a call. 

On collaborating...

Do you have a big idea? One that needs creative assistance to be birthed into the world?

A book cover design, a children’s book, posters or workbooks, stickers, merch designs, whatever creative project is burning a fire beneath you! Unique designs for merchandise are a way to get your brand out there without it being a "logo," a piece of art that people love to wear.

My gift is to be able to “see” your vision with you and mold the intangible thoughts and ruminations and dreams into the physical–to breathe spirit, meaning, and depth into something that in reality, is 2D. 

I work not only with the ideas that you have in your own mind’s eye, but also with your energy. This is something I’ve been working with for years now and it is such a joy when my client’s say “that feels just like me!” 


Creative Projects

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*After completion, you will be sent an 8x10" print (may take up to 2 weeks to arrive depending on production/postal services)

This portrait is meant to capture the essence of your animals or your relationship with them. This is a way to encapsulate the spirit in simple lines, simple form, yet still showing the depth of the being(s).
This is based on REFERENCE photos of the subject, so please provide me with decent images to work from. 
*If you are dreaming up something more complex, please read the description of the Creative Portrait to see if that may suit your idea better, since this Simple Portrait is based on a reference photo!
I love to hear the story behind your relationship to your animal(s), your connection, what inspires you. If you have any details, meaningful symbols or imagery, quotes or phrases included, please share any and all information with me. I really try to tune in and capture something beautiful that is meaningful to you. 

The Essence Portrait

*After completion, you will be sent an 8x10" print (may take up to 2 weeks to arrive depending on production/postal services)

The Creative portrait

Have you ever wanted your horse to have wings as you soar through the clouds? Is there a fairy tale land you wish to be with your animals?

Share your desires, dreams, maybe something you would like to visualize to make happen, or something that is not possible, something to remember a loved animal with who’s passed on. 

This portrait is not meant to be a static recreation of a photo, this is a piece of art that is ALIVE, flowing, and full of spirit. Whatever mood, feeling, landscape, dream, colors, you want infused into this piece, we can weave it in. There is so much magic in the possibility and potential of what we can create together! 
I take a lot of personal consideration of these and I want them to resonate with you, I really try to tune in and capture something beautiful that is meaningful. I work very intuitively and allow the image to flow through me. Sometimes I receive "messages" or little nudges to change or add something I wasn't expecting, adding even more mystery and depth to the process, making these portraits totally unique to you. This is guided by my intuition and so minor changes are available, but you are agreeing to receiving a channeled piece.

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I love to hear the story behind your relationship to your animal(s), your connection, what inspires you. Share with me the story of what you would like to see, what you want captured in this portrait, and any other details you feel may be relevant to creating this for you. If you have any specific elements you'd like to see in this piece, such as certain details like flowers or quotes, just let me know. 

These do not have to be based on a specific photo, this is about getting creative with whatever ideas you bring to me, this leaves a lot of room for imagination. 

But please share multiple reference photos of the subjects and any other images that would help me envision what you are hoping to capture. This includes colors, inspiration of style, landscapes or any visuals that will inform this portrait. 

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Think of this as a vision board not for one year, but for a chapter of your life. A representation of your whole-self, aspects of your physical, emotional and relational world, your dreams, your hopes. A reminder of the power you hold and the potential that you have within you ready to be released. 

The Seeker's Journey

Follow the Path to Your Whole-Self Portrait. Embarking on a Journey of Transformation through Creative Coaching & Visualization 

“To be a seeker is to meet the unknown at the edge of our known reality, and to do this consciously and willingly without disrespect for what we already are and have done.

The Seeker’s Journey often calls upon us to change course, not because we were misguided before, but because what was suitable previously may not fit with what we understand ourselves and our world to be now.The reward for changing course, or wholeheartedly making the journey, may not be material success, or external approval, or permanent anything– the Seeker’s reward is the felt miracle of being alive." -Heroine Journey Project  

We are living in a pivotal time, where the necessity of raising our consciousness, exploring the depths of our physical and emotional and spiritual being is non-negotiable. We are being asked to step up, to rise to the occasion, to preserve our autonomy, our humanity in this ever-changing world.

You feel called to a higher purpose, you are on a path of healing, of growing, of exploring what it means to be YOU and to be human. There is no time like the present and I mean that in every aspect. 

There is a war going on, a war against the spirit, trying to suck us into being herded like sheep into a world we are not creating for ourselves but are being governed by others.

There is a call to go inward, to work on ourselves, our relationships, our healing, and our expansion and growth. To cultivate inner harmony so that we can weave a web of peace within the collective consciousness and it all begins with ourselves. If you want to be of service to others and to this evolution of humanity, then the work begins in your heart, in uncovering the true potential that your soul came here to pursue. 

This is for those who are truly seeking TRANSFORMATION: a structural change in the way one relates or interacts with one’s self and the world. Transformation is more fundamental than mere change. 

This journey is not for the faint of heart. 

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I am not sure what to say. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. Your work has left me speechless but my heart pounds with joy at the beauty of this image. 

There have been so many emotions that have bubbled up with each viewing.

What you created for me is beyond my expectations. Every time I look at this image I uncover another magical detail. (I didn’t even see the dolphins until I read the pdf). It feels as though you connected to the longings of my soul and saw into my dreams with this image. You captured the goddess and the horses from my breath work vision so perfectly. How is that possible?

I am in awe and in heartfelt gratitude for this gift.