These circles are day events that are meant to bring women together, sharing space and stories, exploring our own creativity in different ways, connecting with the land and more specifically--with the horses. Having horses in our space when we are open and tuned into our creative spirits only heightens the experience and sets the tone of deeper inner reflection. You will learn about the magical qualities of horses and why it's so special to be in their presence.

These events are designed to feel immersive, like you are swept away into a space where time no longer exists. We are here in the present moment together. 

All circles will involve creative exploration and you do NOT need to identify as a creative person (spoiler-- we're ALL creatives in some way), nor do you need any horse experience, as all of our interactions will be on the ground and with safe boundaries. 



This is your invitation to reconnect with your creative spirit. 

11 - 4 pm | £80 

Harmony Fields, Stirling, Scotland 

Equine Unlimited, Dunkeld, Scotland 

I am so blessed to have two very aligned places to collaborate with. Equine Unlimited in Dunkeld, and Harmony Fields in Stirling, Scotland. The women who run these facilities align with my ethos around horses and also have very raw and off-grid sites, lending to an even deeper connection with the land. 

Saturday, June 29: 12- 5pm 

Sat: May 18  
Sun: June 16
Sun: July 21

11 - 4 pm | £80 All Profits go Towards Sanctuary 


Spend 2 days switching off from the outside and tuning into your inner world.  Connect with nature, horses and like-minded souls, deepening your sense of presence and authenticity. 

CONNECTION TO SELF, NATURE, & The Wisdom of horses


A 2-day immersive weekend to whisk you away into the present moment. 

Your Hosts: 

  • All food will be provided from lunch on Saturday to lunch on Sunday and plenty of tea, coffee and snacks too!

  • Accomodation is not provided but we encourage you to join us in camping on site . For those looking for a wee bit of home comfort, there are 2 bothys on site and nearby hotels in Dunkeld.

  • Bothys and camping spots can be booked though us (£10-30 pp), just get in touch for more info.

Join Nica and her co-host Rachel Sartain, who has spent her life around animals, and has worked professionally as an animal communicator and spiritual teacher for 5 years and is passionate about teaching others and allowing them to learn the amazing spiritual abilities we all hold, to better understand themselves and their animals. 


Equine Unlimited, Dunkeld, Scotland 

The Experience: 

+Rachel and Nica will guide you through an adventure into your senses, your connection with the earth and into more deeply understanding yourself. What you'll experience is such an individual journey, but we know the shifts will be huge!

+Learn how to work with your intuition and understanding horses on a deeper level and sit in pure presence with these magnificent beings.

+You'll receive 1:1 support from either Nica or Rachel over the weekend to help you to clear your biggest blocks and gain deeper clarity into where your soul is guiding you next.

+You will come away refreshed, inspired and nourished after a weekend in nature & community

If you're searching for something different, a reset, a way to deepen your connection to your true nature and the earth, a way to make huge leaps forward in your spiritual journey, then join us for this weekend of reconnection. 

Saturday, July 6 @ 10am - July 7 @3pm
£300 (does not include accomodation)

I am learning so much from this land and the history seeping from the pores of the bogs, dripping down the rocky crevices of the mountains, diving into the metaphorical depths of the ocean and deepest lochs. The magic is real.